Basic Details on Fish Tanks

 Fish keeping in home aquariums is popular today as people are keeping fish in their homes for varied reasons. Most fish aquariums have at least one transparent side from which you can view the aquatic life, since the aquariums are made of glass mostly. Placing of the aquariums is important and mostly you will find them placed at the front side of the house or in offices at the entrance bench.   It is important to consider the amount of sunlight reaching the your aquarium in order to decide if it's the right place for it since the amount of sunlight affects the temperature of the water and also the growth of algae which threatens the life of the fish in the aquarium.  It's important to keep the aquarium and the water clean since it will affect the health of the aquatic creatures that you have on your aquarium. 

In the past people didn't know how to set up their fish aquarium hence their fish would be fine for a week or two but die unexpectedly but today there is a lot of information available hence you should know to take care of your aquatic life. The first consideration or choice you have to make when you want a fish tank is the choice between salty fish tank from and a fresh water fish tank. The next consideration you will have to make based on your budget that is the fish types and the aquarium size.  The amount or number of fish that you can place in a certain fish tank will be affected by size of the fish tank and it's important since there is need to ensure that your fish have enough oxygen in the water for their survival. 

Depending in the type of the fish that you want, prices could vary such that rare types of fish might be higher in prices than the normal or readily available fish, salty water and fresh water fish will be priced differently too.  At the initial days of these fish tank, water will be very clean but as you put in your fish they will excrete toxic ammonia into the water as part of their respiration and you should therefore be familiar with the nitrogen cycle that aims at ensuring your fish have enough oxygen supply. There are certain bacteria that are responsible for breaking down the ammonia to non toxic substances and this bacteria usually build up on the surfaces of your filters and substrate.

 Normally this process of the formation of the bacteria responsible for breaking down the ammonia to less harmful products cab take up to six weeks from the first day that you put the first fish into the water hence you will require patience to realize the results. To get more tips on how to choose the best fish tank, go to

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